What To Take Elk Hunting

This is the list of what I take IN MY BACKPACK 

IF you have good luck and shoot an elk… you will wish you had packed lighter. The sun will come up and you will find yourself shedding clothes. You have to store these, as well as, antlers and meat.



Backpack is a Fieldline military pack. It is a copy of a very nice 511 Tactical backpack. They have two large packs. One is camo and has a storage sling to store your rifle, the other is a tactical (military/ le) style with molle webbing for attaching additional gear.

Water (you get tired quartering elk)
Food (energy bar/ candy bar)
Paracord/ rope (to lash antlers/ gear/ meat to pack)

  • Elk Call
  • Binoculars
  • Lighter
  • Zippo hand warmer
  • Portable Saw (to remove antlers) I had brought a small ax the first year I went. I literally hacked off the antlers which took about an     hour. I swore to myself to buy a good portable saw before the             next season!!!
  • Plastic bag (Keep from sitting on wet ground if it is raining)
  • Poncho
  • Meat bags (mesh guaze material)
  • Shooting Sticks
  • Optional seat (didn’t want to sit in the snow)
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