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Obadiah’s BBQ Pork (from stew meat)


I cook this the exact same way as I cook pork ribs. You can finish it off with BBQ sauce or baste it in the natural juices. I cooked this beside some ribs… I ended up being a bit of a PIG (pun intended), and hogging this during the meal.



• Cut meat into 1”cubes (I used roast meat from a large pork ham)

Season With:

• Lemon Pepper

• Season salt

• Garlic powder

Add 1 tablespoon olive oil to the pan

Turn stove to medium high

Add 1 cube of chicken bullion

Add 1 cup of water?

Our goal is to just brown the meat, then cover it with a lid and cook for several minutes. Remove from

the heat

Set oven to 275

Place meat and juice together and cover tightly with foil in an aluminum pan

Bake for two hours (slow cooking breaks down tougher pieces of meat which contain a lot of connective tissue).

At this point you can remove the meat from the liquid, and bbq sauce, honey, and brown sugar to it.

Broil it for a few minutes (to caramelize the sugars). Remove it. Let it cool for at least an hour then

reheat and serve. ( The flavor increases as the meat is allowed to cool. You could even cook this a day ahead


You can also leave the meat in the juices. This would be better for a “finer pork dish” (without the above

bbq end treatment). Meat is full of flavor, juicy, and tender.


…Some hungry hunter

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