What To Take Elk Hunting

This is the list of what I take IN MY BACKPACK  IF you have good luck and shoot an elk… you will wish you had packed lighter. The sun will come … Continue Reading →

Cooking Temperatures

USDA Recommended Safe Minimum Internal Temperatures Venison 125 degrees (medium rare) Steaks and Roasts-145 degrees Fish-145 degrees Pork- 160 degrees Ground Beef- 160 degrees Egg Dishes-160 degrees Chicken Breasts- 165 degrees Whole Poultry- 165 degrees


Obadiah’s BBQ Pork (from stew meat)

            Obadiah’s BBQ Pork (from stew meat)   I cook this the exact same way as I cook pork ribs. You can finish it off … Continue Reading →

OCW Chart 1 copy

Ladder vs. OCW

  Ladder vs OCW   Below I have listed the pros and cons of  three different load development methods: Ladder Test, OCW Test, Classic Test Further down the post you … Continue Reading →

2013 Elk Colorado

Colorado Elk

San Juan Mountains Oct. 2013 Second rifle Season. Know your hunting system Practice beforehand at the ranges you expect in the areas you hunt. Personally, If I can see it… … Continue Reading →