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A little about me…

My name is Obadiah Balrhb-comrnes, author of longrangehuntingblog.com. I am constantly learning, and trying to improve myself as a shooter, and hunter. I live in the Texas panhandle. I have harvested Elk at 520-530 yds and 620-630 yds. in Colorado public land hunts. I have attended long range shooting matches. I have also stretched my shooting range out to 1415 yds. I have co-written for a buddies blog read by over 10,000 people. I believe I have a unique ability to know the questions people are searching for answers to. I can present information in an easily understandable way. I want to help others succeed in ways that pushes them to be better at hunting, shooting, gear selection etc… I am a quick learner, resourceful, and a bit of a perfectionist. My viewpoint is unique because I don’t have a high end budget to work with. I have several friends who have the latest and greatest gear. That is simply not me. I believe that it’s “more about the Indian than the bow”. I shot a factory $350 30-06 rifle for several years (shooting it to 890 yds.). I then purchased a match barrel and installed it myself. I then pushed my range further, and further, to 1415 yds. I want to share my journey, the mistakes along with the successes, with whoever can benefit.

I tried to build my skill set in reloading and marksmanship over purchasing the greatest gear. It is my belief that someone who is proficient in a skill, will be better than another person (competitor) without the same skill- even if he has better equipment. Better equipment only enhances your chances or ability, it doesn’t replace them. I have seen highly trained clean a stage or win a competition. I have also seen others that work hard and are passionate about winning win.

Gear is a tool. You can use a tool to complete a job, or have to stop halfway through it, because you don’t know what you are doing- or how to use the tool. Different tools are used for differing applications. Good tools can enhance your abilities to do a task better. Many people review items, and are biased because they were given them, or sponsored by a particular company. In my mind, I always felt they were biased, I strive to be true to myself.

I have helped my young children learn to hunt and shoot. I have also helped several people begin long range shooting.

Long range hunting or shooting is an enjoyable pastime where science overlaps art. This is the reason I am so passionate about hunting and long range shooting.

I have been hooked on hunting ever since I shot a running six-point buck. I then realized that hunters were adrenaline junkies… chasing a thrill.

This BLOG:

A friend of mine writes an incredible blog- precisionrifleblog.com.

He had started his blog to help others with beginning extreme long range shooting. I helped him with a HIGH end scope comparison (like $60,000 worth of $1500- $7000 scopes! So I said absolutely! READ ABOUT THAT TEST HERE). I was inspired to share some of my experiences with others to help them (to hopefully not make the same mistakes). To gather some of the information I have tried to collect, and to streamline some of the process for others.

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